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Night Speech Sample Texts

Lytre vu Drylle

The “Child’s Welcome” was first spoken by Queen Naactres to Vreith Nightstorm. It has since become a tradition to recite this passage to all newborn Nacdrel.

Note in the last line how free word order is used to create a poetic symmetry, emphasizing and linking the verbs ⟨mourn⟩ and ⟨heal⟩.

Mathyziin cyr drylaa: zutycvaanach thyr.
Know this, child: you are not alone.
Nuthyzaan thyr uvadhaa.
Grief consumes you.
Nuthyzaan zhyri naa nvu azyzuar vu azzhulanai zhym zhyri, uvadhyzaan chu zytre naa.
It consumes us all, for were were born of our Mother, who grieves without end.
Uvadhyzaan zhii cha yldre yl cha yldre zhii avnyzaan.
We mourn together, and together we heal.

Hychre vu Nyzachymre

Tradition asserts that when the slain god Nezachim had recovered enough power to once again influence the world, certain individuals of a particularly sensative nature “heard” a terrible voice. Their reports coalesced into the “Curse of Nezachim”, the words spoken by the evil prince as he began his war against all living things.

Note the deviations from the standard VAE word order and how they affect the emphasis.

Mutysviin du thralavtre zai vu mazmre zhe zvyrdryvtyri zai vu Zvyrielle, du azurzavtre zai vu tzynre zhe luvazyri zai vu Luvielre.
Make Zviriel’s currents the bearer of my plague, Luviel’s springs the source of my venom.
Nuthyzai vrytyri nym chashii zai vu Vyrushymre syl racyzai usyrym nym Raicalymaa.
Verushim’s flames shall devour their flesh, and Raicalim shall bury their bones.
Dlynyziin shynlylvyri nym azdhavaa chu darthre!
Hear their cries, loveless Father!
Azzhulaa cha chazre uclyziin, nyr cytyzuar cthu nre thaa!
Treacherous Mother, see to what thou hast subjected them!
Nlysyzuar dhavusyr thym zutai thuu dvu naa truvyzai du shynadhavtre chu zytre ryvyr zai vu drylusyri thym.
Thou casteth down thy firstborn; now he shall drag the rest of thy children into eternal anguish.
Vyzcyri nym drylusythysvai vu drylusrym zhe, curnyri nym hydhysvai vu drylusrym zhe.
Their entrails shall be the playthings of my children, their skin my offspring’s cloaks.
Syl zulre nym…zulyri nym ryzythysvai zhe, drythzulyrym zai cha umvre, nii vyzcyzai cthu thyvtru ma zytre vu drylli.
And their souls…their souls shall be my trophies, the blackened ghosts that come for thee when everyone else is dead.

Tryztre vu Vlaedym zai vu Zytrysse

The “Oath of the Knights of Zetres” is taken by new recruits of that organization, and serves as the central element in their initiation ceremony.

Tryztyzaan tzu lurlaesre cu vu ucle ne thralynyr zhe ctha dhrulavtre vu Zytrysse zhaa.
Under this moonlight of Her gaze, I swear to bear the will of Zetres.
Syctyr zai vu zytre zhaa dhryzyzai cha vylyzaanre zhe mi zytavtre nym nyvuzyrym zai syl ma zytre nym avnyr nym.
I will honor the sanctity of death by guarding the innocent until their end, and guarding their rest afterward.
Tzavzhulyr zai vylyzai zhaa, zhulusre yl lylvuzre zutai vu Zytrysse.
I will defend the queen, who is Zetres’ first daughter and prophetess.
Zylmyzaan ctha cre azyr zhe zhaa yl zhyr caa yldyzai mi truvanavtre Zytrysaa zhyr du uthavtre.
For this I give my life, and by this I shall be bound until Zetres gathers me home.