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Night Speech Lexicon

Below is the complete Night Speech lexicon. Words are ordered alphabetically according to English conventions. Use your browser’s in-page search functionality to find specific terms. A few things to note:

Lexeme Part of Speech Translation
adysadhre noun hugeness; enormity
adysre noun bigness; largeness
adysyzaan verb to grow in size or volume
alyndadhre noun extreme longness (spatial)
alyndre noun longness (spatial)
alyndyzaan verb to lengthen (spatial)
alythre noun upright, erect, or standing posture
alythyzaan verb to stand
arcre noun perfection; paragon; ideal
arcyzaan verb to perfect
as number six
athvre noun apathy; indifference; dispassion
athvyzaan verb to suppress emotion; to express indifference
avaztadhre noun extreme wideness, fatness, or broadness
avaztre noun wideness; fatness; broadness
avaztyzaan verb to widen; to fatten; to broaden; to grow in width
avne noun rest; healing; recuperation
avnnynre noun hospital
avnuzre noun doctor; healer
avnyzaan verb to rest; to heal; to recuperate
azcadhre noun sphere
azcre noun circle; ring; roundness
azdhavre noun father
azdrylle noun parent
azdrylyzaan verb to parent; to birth or raise a child
azre noun life; birth; beginning; wakefulness; consciousness
Azrymme noun god of life
azsvulcre noun womb; egg
azuzre noun life-giver; source; origin
azycvaan verb to be alive; to give life; to give birth; to be born; to begin; to become conscious for the first time
azydadhre noun extreme tallness or deepness
azydre noun tallness; deepness
azydyzaan verb to grow in height or depth; to deepen
azzhulre noun mother
cavle noun chaos; disorder; lawlessness
cavlyzaan verb to disorder; to disorganize; to break the law
cha preposition with; via; by
chantre noun magic; sorcery
chantuzre noun magician; sorcerer
chantytre noun magic spell
chantyzaan verb to cast magic
chasadhre noun inferno; fiery explosion; eruption
chasadhyzaan verb to explode; to erupt
chasnynre noun kitchen
chasre noun fire; orange or yellow color
chassvulcre noun fireplace; oven; stove; furnace
chasusre noun candle; small flame
chasyzaan verb to set on fire; to burn; to cook; to make or become orange
chat number four
chatre noun hand; quartet
chaturnre noun wrist
chaturnyzaan verb to bend or rotate the wrist
chatyzaan verb to slap; to clap
chazre noun betrayal; treachery; treason; distrust; suspicion; inaccuracy
chazuzre noun traitor; betrayer
chazyzaan verb to betray; to commit treason; to mistrust; to be unfaithful; to be unreliable; to be inaccurate
chu preposition without; lacking
chysmre noun color; hue
chysmyzaan verb to color
crucce noun frog; toad
crusse noun crescent moon; concavity; left-hand side
crusyzaan verb to make or become crescent; to collapse; to drain to less than half full; to move leftward
cruvuzre noun contaminant; violator
cruvve noun corruption; contamination; unholiness; violation
cruvyzaan verb to corrupt; to contaminate; to violate
crymme noun milk; cream
crysse noun ice; pale color between blue and cyan
crysyzaan verb to freeze; to encase or coat in ice; to make or become a pale blue-cyan color
cryvve noun ownership; possession; property; wealth; asset
cryvyzaan verb to own; to posess; to have; to keep; to hold
ctha preposition for; for the benefit of; on behalf of
cthanre noun responsibility; blame; guilt
cthanuzre noun one responsible; guilty one
cthu preposition against; to the detriment of
cu determiner the; this
cunynre noun here
cunynycvaan verb to be here
curnre noun skin; flesh; sense of touch
cva preposition LOC on the left of; LAT leftward; ABL rightward
cvi preposition LOC between the left and right; LAT inward along the width; ABL outward along the width
cvu preposition LOC on the right of; LAT rightward; ABL leftward
cytre noun action; verb
cytyzaan verb to do
cyvre noun cow; buffalo
cyztlytre noun introduction
cyztlytyzaan verb to introduce
cyztre noun name; identity
cyztuzre noun namer; identifyer
cyztyzaan verb to name; to identify; to call (a name)
czarre noun fish
czaryzaan verb to swim
da preposition LOC outside; LAT out of; ABL into
darcazre noun resurrection
darcazyzaan verb to resurrect; to resuscitate; to wake; to regain consciousness
darclytre noun reunion
darclytyzaan verb to reunite; to reconvene; to meet again
darcre noun reflection; repetition; twin; duplicate; copy
darcuzre noun mirror; reflector; repeater; duplicator; copier
darcyzaan verb to reflect; to repeat; to duplicate; to copy
darthre noun compassion; empathy; affection; brotherly love
darthurzyzaan verb to befriend
darthuzre noun friend
darthyzaan verb to care for; to empathize with; to love
dazre noun comparison
dazyzaan verb to compare; to judge between; to measure
dhamdrylle noun race name, “Bat-Child”
dhamdrylysvaan verb to be a Dhamdrel
dhamvre noun bat; any winged mammal
dhavadhre noun adult man; big brother
dhavre noun man; brother
dhavusre noun boy; son; little brother
dhrulle noun will; volition; desire; wish
dhrulyzaan verb to will; to desire
dhrymme noun star; diamond; jewel; gemstone
dhrymnynre noun gemstone mine
dhrymuzre noun astronomer; jeweler
dhrymytre noun jewelry
dhrymyzaan verb to twinkle; to sparkle
dhryzadhre noun simultaneous awe and terror
dhryzadhyzaan verb to inspire awe and terror
dhryzyzaan verb to respect; to honor
dhryzze noun respect; honor
dhu conjunction X implies Y
dhuradhre noun boulder
dhurnynre noun quarry; mine
dhurre noun rock; stone; brick
dhurusse noun pebble
dhuruzze noun mason; stoneworker
dhuryzaan verb to build with or carve from stone or brick
dhynre noun country; land; realm
di preposition LOC at, near; LAT to; ABL away from
dlynre noun ear; sense of hearing
dlynuzre noun listener
dlynytre noun sound; noise
dlynyzaan verb to hear; to listen
dracce noun wolf; dog
draechhe noun dragon; wyvern; any winged reptile
druchhe noun deity; god
druchyzaan verb to create and sustain as a deity; to parent
drudhhe noun wood
drudhuzre noun woodworker; carpenter
drudhyzaan verb to work with or craft from wood
druvadhre noun terror
druvadhyzaan verb to terrify
druvlylvre noun frightened scream
druvlylvyzaan verb to scream in fear
druvusse noun nervousness; unease; creepiness
druvusyzaan verb to creep out
druvve noun fear; fright
druvyzaan verb to scare; to frighten
dryladhre noun adult; big sibling
drylle noun person; sibling; child
drylusre noun young child; baby; little sibling
drylusytre noun toy
drylusyzaan verb to play
drythadhre noun horror; abhorrence
drythadhyzaan verb to horrify
drythhe noun disturbance; disgust
drythusre noun discomfort
drythusyzaan verb to disconcert
drythyzaan verb to disturb; to disgust
dryvtre noun motion; movement; activity
dryvtyzaan verb to move; to act
dryzyzaan verb to practice or display physical skill or dexterity
dryzze noun dexterity; physical skill
du preposition LOC in; LAT into; ABL out of
dul number two
dulre noun pair; duo; couple
dumre noun choice; decision; fate; doom; destiny
dumyzaan verb to choose; to decide
durre noun upper arm; shoulder
dururnre noun shoulder joint
dururnyzaan verb to bend or rotate the shoulder joint
duthdrylle noun ancestor
duthlasre noun last month
duthnactre noun yesterday; last night
duthnudhre noun last year
duthre noun past; previous thing; predecessor
duthylvre noun yesterday morning
duthyzaan verb to come before; to preceed; to move backward in time
dvu conjunction X causes Y
dvusre noun dryness; desert; thirst; dehydration; evaporation
dvusyzaan verb to dry; to evaporate; to thirst; to dehydrate
dvuthre noun moth; butterfly
dylvre noun chest; upper back; torso
dylvurnre noun waist, particularly the joints of the spine immediately below the ribcage
dylvurnyzaan verb to bend or twist at the waist
dysre noun size; volume
dyvre noun weakness; fragility
dyvyzaan verb to weaken; to give way
dzynre noun engine; device; motor; machine; technology; mechanism
dzynuzre noun engineer; mechanic; technician
dzynyzaan verb to operate a machine or device; to engineer; to mechanize; to motorize
en number seven
esre noun emotion; feeling
esyzaan verb to express emotion; to incite emotion
ev number zero
evre noun new moon; nothingness; emptiness; absence; oblivion; annihilation; destruction
evyzaan verb to empty; to vanish; to disappear; to be absent; to obliviate; to destroy; to annihilate
ez number five
hantadhre noun large group; crowd
hantadhyzaan verb to crowd
hantre noun companionship; company; accompaniment; accessory; small group; collection; gathering
hantyzaan verb to accompany; to accessorize; to go with; to collect; to gather
havre noun energy; motivation; gumption; initiative; encouragement
havyzaan verb to energize; to motivate; to encourage
hazre noun no (answer to a question); denial; refutation; contradiction; negation
hazyzaan verb to deny; to refute; to contradict; to negate
hurcre noun pig; hog; boar
hychre noun curse; hex; bad luck; misfortune; malediction
hychyzaan verb to curse; to hex; to bestow bad luck or misfortune
hydhre noun cloak; clothing
hydhsvulcre noun wardrobe; closet; dresser
hydhuzre noun tailor; seamstress
hydhyzaan verb to wear; to clothe; to dress
hysadhre noun silence
hysadhyzaan verb to make or be silent
hyslylvre noun whisper
hyslylvyzaan verb to whisper
hysre noun quietude
hysyzaan verb to make or be quiet
ithle noun bow (and arrow)
ithluzre noun archer
ithlyzaan verb wield a bow and arrow
iztre noun distance; margin; interval (spatial); separation
iztyzaan verb to distance; to separate; to create space between
la preposition LOC in front of; LAT forward; ABL backward
laesadhre noun overwhelming brightness; pure white color
laesan noun to brighten; to illuminate; to lighten; to whiten
laesre noun light; brightness; white color
laesuyl noun illuminating; brightening; lightening; whitening
laesuzze noun lamp; torch; light; illuminator
laesytre noun ray or beam of light
lasre noun eyelid; month
lasyzaan verb to blink
li preposition LOC between the front and back; LAT inward along the length; ABL outward along the length
lu preposition LOC behind; LAT backward; ABL forward
luddhurre noun foundation; cornerstone
ludre noun foot
ludurnre noun ankle
ludurnyzaan verb to bend, twist, or rotate the ankle
ludyzaan verb to tap one’s foot; to walk
lur number eight
lurlaesre noun moonlight
lurre noun moon
lurzre noun lie; falsehood; deception; fakery; dishonesty
lurzuzre noun liar; faker; deceiver; dishonest person
lurzyzaan verb to lie; to deceive; to fake
luthre noun drainage, lethargy, inertia, emptiness
luthyzaan verb to drain, to sap, to empty
luvdryvte noun water current
luvnynadhre noun sea; ocean
luvnynre noun pond; lake
luvnynusre noun puddle
luvre noun water; liquid; moisture
luvvuchre noun boat; ship; submarine
luvvuchuzre noun sailor
luvvuchyzaan verb to sail; to drive, ride, or travel by boat or submarine
luvytre noun drop of water
luvyzaan verb wetten; moisten; liquify
lylvadhre noun shout; big voice; brash voice
lylvadhyzaan verb to yell; to shout; to speak loudly or brashly
lylvmuctre noun tongue; sense of taste
lylvmuctytre noun flavor; taste
lylvmuctyzaan verb to lick; to taste
lylvre noun mouth; jaw; chin; cheek; speech; voice; language
lylvurnre noun jaw joint
lylvurnyzaan verb to open or close the mouth; to rotate the jaw joint
lylvusre noun small voice; timid voice
lylvusyzaan verb to speak gently or timidly
lylvuzre noun speaker
lylvytre noun spoken word
lylvyzaan verb to speak; to tell; to say; to communicate
lyndluvre noun river
lyndluvusre noun stream; creek; brook
lyndre noun length (spatial)
lyrmre noun snake; wyrm
lythre noun pose; poise; posture; stance
lythyzaan verb to assume a posture, position, or stance
lytre noun meeting; socialization; fellowship; society; convergence
lytyzaan verb to meet; to socialize; to fellowship; to converge
ma preposition LOC after; LAT forward (in time); ABL backward (in time)
maclylvre noun cry or shout of surprise
maclylvyzaan verb to scream or shout in surprise
macvadhre noun panic; hysteria
macvadhyzaan verb to panic
macvre noun shock; surprise; astonishment; fear
macvusre noun astonishment; surprise
macvusyzaan verb to astonish; to surprise
macvuzre noun shocker; frightener; one who surprises or astonishes
macvyzaan verb to shock; to surprise; to astonish; to frighten; to startle
mathnynre noun school
mathre noun knowledge
mathuzre noun teacher
mathyzaan verb to know; to teach; to learn
matre noun mouse; rat
mazme noun sickness; disease; illness; pale color between green and yellow
mazmyzaan verb to make or become sick or ill; to make or become a green-yellow color
mazre noun front
mazyzaan verb to move forward; to move toward the front
mi preposition LOC during; LAT until; ABL since
mrazyzaan verb to practice or display cognitive skill or intelligence; to think through; to outsmart
mrazze noun intellect; intelligence; cognitive skill
mu preposition LOC before; LAT backward (in time); ABL forward (in time)
muctre noun digit; finger; toe; fingernail; toenail; claw; talon; ability to point; ability to scratch; ability to maul
mucturnre noun knuckle
mucturnyzaan verb to bend the knuckle
muctyzaan verb to point; to poke; to scratch; to maul
murdre noun world; planet
murtadhre noun eternity; forever; immortality; permanence
murtadhyzaan verb to last or continue forever; to live forever
murthre noun worm; caterpillar; slug; snail; maggot
murtnynre noun house (building)
murtre noun time; age; measurement; continuation; duration
murtusre noun moment; short duration
murtusyzaan verb to last or continue a short time
murtuzre noun clock; guage; scale; ruler
murtyzaan verb to live; to age; to wait; to continue; to measure
murvlytre noun hello; welcome (as a greeting)
murvlytyzaan verb to say hello; to welcome
murvre noun goodness; righteousness
murvtyrnre noun goodbye; farewell
murvtyrnyzaan verb to say goodbye or farewell
murvuzre noun one who does good deeds; a righteous person
murvytre noun good deed or event
murvyzaan verb to do good deeds; to be righteous
mutre noun transformation; change; mutation; transition; alteration
mutyzaan verb to transform; to change; to mutate; to transition; to alter
mvadhre noun anti-light; dark matter
mvadhyzaan verb to destroy light
mvundre noun hunt; pursuit; predation; search
mvundulre noun prey; game; quarry
mvunduzre noun hunter; pursuer; stalker; predator; seeker
mvundyzaan verb to hunt; to pursue; to stalk; to prey upon; to search; to seek
mvusre noun shadow
mvusuzre noun one who casts a shadow
mvusyzaan verb to cast a shadow
myrcre noun eclipse; occlusion; covering; mask; veil; curtain
myrcyzaan verb to eclipse; to occlude; to cover; to hide; to mask; to veil
mythre noun frost; pale color between green and cyan
mythyzaan verb to frost over; to make or become a pale green-cyan color
myztadhre noun mystery
myztadhuzre noun investigator; detective
myztadhytre noun solution to a mystery
myztadhyzaan verb to investigate
myztre noun question; inquiry
myztusre noun rhetorical question; riddle; silly question
myztusuzre noun one who asks a rhetorical question; riddler; one who asks silly questions
myztusytre noun answer to a rhetorical question; solution to a riddle
myztusyzaan verb to ask a rhetorical question; to pose a riddle; to ask a silly question
myztuzre noun one who asks a question; questionnaire; survey; quiz; test
myztytre noun answer to a question
myztyzaan verb to ask; to inquire; to question
mzarnynre noun market; shop; store
mzarre noun trade; exchange; purchase
mzarsvulcre noun wallet; purse
mzaruzze noun buyer; customer
mzarytre noun money
mzaryzaan verb to trade; to exchange; to purchase; to buy
nacdrylle noun race name, “Night-Child”
nacdrylysvaan verb to be a Nacdrel
nactadhre noun dead of night; darkest part of the night
nactlylvre noun language name, “Night-Speech”
nactlylvyzaan verb to speak Nactlylv
nactre noun nighttime; calendar day
nactusre noun dusk; purple color
nadre noun bottom; minimum; nadir
nadre ne noun summer
nadyzaan verb to fall; to descend; to move downward
nathadhre noun the unknowable; impossibility of knowledge
nathre noun the unknown; lack of knowledge; ignorance
nathulre noun one who doesn’t know; an ignorant person
nathyzaan verb to not know; to be ignorant
ndhu conjunction X is implied by Y
ne determiner his; hers; its
nre noun he; him; himself; she; her; herself; it; itself
nsyl conjunction X follows Y
nuardrylle noun descendant
nuarlasre noun next month
nuarnactre noun tomorrow; tomorrow night
nuarnudhre noun next year
nuarre noun future; next thing; successor
nuarylvre noun tomorrow morning
nuaryzaan verb to come after; to proceed; to move forward in time
nudhre noun head; skull; year
nudhurnre noun joint that connects the neck to the head
nudhurnyzaan verb to turn or tilt the head
nudhyzaan verb to nod; to shake one’s head
nur conjunction neither X nor Y
nusvre noun theft; robbery; seizure
nusvuzre noun theif; robber; bandit
nusvyzaan verb to steal; to take; to seize
nutdhavre noun boyfriend; male lover
nutdrylle noun lover
nuthnynre noun dining room; restaurant
nuthre noun food; fuel
nuthyzaan verb to eat; to ingest; to digest; to consume
nutre noun romance; love; darling; term of endearment
nutryzaan verb to love; to woo; to seduce
nutzhulre noun girlfriend; female lover
nuzadhre noun joy
nuzadhyzaan verb to rejoice
nuzre noun happiness
nuzusre noun contentment
nuzusycvaan verb to be content
nuzycvaan verb to be happy; to smile; to grin
nvu conjunction X is caused by Y
nvyrdzynre noun calculator; computer
nvyrre noun number; amount; quantity
nvyruzze noun counter (one who counts); mathematician
nvyryzaan verb to count; to number; to quantify; to measure; to weigh; to calculate; to compute
nycre noun fruit
nyl conjunction at most one of X or Y
nynre noun place; location
nynycvaan verb to be in a place; to locate
nytre noun ant; spider; bug; insect
nyvre noun innocence; naivety
nyvuzre noun innocent one; blameless one; naive one
Nyzachymre noun god of evil
nyzcryvve noun greed
nyzcryvycvaan verb to be greedy, miserly, or possessive
nyzre noun evil; badness; unrighteousness
nyzusre noun annoyance; mischief
nyzusuzre noun one who annoys; mischief-maker
nyzusyzaan verb to annoy; to bother; to make mischief
nyzuzre noun evildoer; an unrighteous or bad person
nyzytre noun evil act or event; sin
nyzyzaan verb to do or be evil
ra preposition like; similar to
racce noun earth; ground; dirt
racyzaan verb to bury; to plant; to sow
raizvaezre noun journey; trip; quest; mission
raizvaezyzaan verb to go on a journey; to take a trip; to undertake a quest or mission
raizyzaan verb to provide a purpose or reason; to motivate; to strive toward a goal
raizze noun purpose; reason; cause; motivation; goal; objective
ravtre noun hawk; eagle; falcon; owl; bird of prey
ru preposition unlike; dissimilar to
ryldre noun beauty
ryldyzaan verb to beautify
ryvtadhre noun fury; rage
ryvtadhyzaan verb to infuriate; enrage
ryvtlylvre noun angry scream or yell
ryvtlylvyzaan verb to scream or shout in anger
ryvtre noun anger
ryvtusre noun disgruntlement; annoyance
ryvtusyzaan verb to disgruntle; to annoy
ryvtyzaan verb to anger
ryvve noun gathering; harvest; collection
ryvyzaan verb to collect; to gather; to harvest; to reap
santre noun sacrificial love; parental love; selfless love
santruzre noun one who loves sacrificially
santryzaan verb to love sacrificially; to love as a parent or creator
savre noun yes; affirmation; confirmation; validation
savyzaan verb to affirm; to confirm; to validate
shantre noun song; music
shantuzre noun singer; musician
shantyzaan verb to sing; to whistle; to hum; to make music
shymre noun gold
shynadhre noun torment; agony; torture
shynadhyzaan verb to torment; to torture
shynlylvre noun cry of pain; pained scream
shynlylvyzaan verb to cry out in pain;
shynre noun pain
shynusre noun irritation; itch
shynusyzaan verb to irritate; to itch
shynyzaan verb to hurt
slyllaesre noun sunlight
slylre noun sun
sunvre noun assumption; supposition; inference; bias; guess
sunvyzaan verb to assume; to suppose; to infer; to guess
suyr conjunction any number of X or Y
svanre noun duck; goose; swan; puffin; gull; waterfowl
svulcre noun container; wrapper; surrounding; environment; context
svulcyzaan verb to contain; to wrap; to surround; to encircle
svyctre noun repulsion; banishment; expulsion; exile; departure
svyctyzaan verb to repulse; to push; to cast; to banish; to send; to repel; to expel; to exile; to go; to leave; to depart
svynre noun blood; bodily fluid; red or magenta color
svynyzaan verb to bleed; to redden
sycre noun scythe; halberd; glaive
syctre noun reservation; purity; sanctity; holiness; salvation; virginity
syctuzre noun purifier; sanctifier; savior
syctyzaan verb to reserve; to purify; to sanctify; to save; to set apart
sycusre noun sickle
sycusyzaan verb to wield a sickle
sycuzre noun halberdier
sycyzaan verb to wield a scythe, halberd, or glaive
syl conjunction X precedes Y
sylvadhnynre noun forest; woodland; woods
sylvadhre noun tree
sylvazsvulcre noun seed (of a plant)
sylvcurnre noun bark
sylvdurre noun branch
sylvludre noun root
sylvmuctre noun twig; stick
sylvnynre noun garden
sylvre noun plant; vegetation; green color
sylvtryzze noun leaf
sylvurnre noun split or fork in a branch
sylvusnynre noun field; meadow; lawn
sylvusre noun grass; moss
sylvyzaan verb to sprout; to grow; to make or become green
sylvzhamvre noun stem; trunk; log
syth number three
sythre noun trio; trinity; trifecta; triumvirate
tasre noun stillness
tasyzaan verb to make or be still, to hold in place, to stop
thi determiner your; yours
thire noun you; yourself
thralle noun carrier; holder; bearer; support; supporter; follower; disciple; vassal; servant; slave
thralvre noun waist; hips; belly; stomach; lower back; groin; core; center
thralvyzaan verb to move inward; to retract; to go inside
thralytre noun handle; hilt; grip
thralytyzaan verb to handle; to grip; to hold by a handle
thralyzaan verb to carry; to hold; to bear; to support; to follow; to serve
thulre noun thigh; upper leg; buttocks
thulurnre noun thigh joint; hip
thulurnyzaan verb to raise, lower, or twist the thigh; to rotate the thigh joint
thvaenre noun whale; porpoise
thysne noun twilight; border; gray color
thysnyzaan verb straddle a boundary; make or become gray
truve noun attraction; suction; summons; lure
truvyzaan verb to attract; to pull; to suck; to draw; to summon; to bring; to lure; to come; to approach
tryztre noun loyalty; faithfulness; fidelity; trust; reliability; accuracy; oath; promise; vow
tryzturzyzaan verb to confide in someone
tryztuzre noun confidant
tryztyzaan verb to trust; to be faithful; to rely on; to be accurate; to makr or fulfill an oath, promise, or vow
tryzze noun hair; fur; feather
tvycnynre noun dump
tvycre noun rot; decay; garbage; waste; trash
tvycsvulcre noun trash bin; garbage can
tvycuzre noun waster
tvycyzaan verb to rot; to decay; to waste; to dispose of; to throw out
tvylrantre noun mountain range
tvylre noun mountain
tvylyzaan verb to climb a mountain
tynvre noun boundary; fence; railing; wall; limit
tynvyzaan verb to fence in; to limit; to stop; to contain; to curb; to remain within
tyrnre noun parting; divergence; scattering
tyrnyzaan verb to part; to diverge; to scatter
tza preposition LOC on; LAT up; ABL down
tzavdhavre noun king
tzavnynre noun palace
tzavre noun monarchy; royalty; government; sovereignty
tzavuzre noun monarch; ruler
tzavytre noun crown; scepter
tzavyzaan verb to rule; to reign; to govern
tzavzachre noun prince; princess
tzavzachyzaan verb to inherit a throne
tzavzhulre noun queen
tzi preposition LOC between the top and bottom; LAT inward along the height; ABL outward along the height
tzu preposition LOC under; LAT down; ABL up
tzyllaesre noun light (especially moonlight) reflected off snow
tzyllaesyzaan verb to glow like snow under light (especially moonlight)
tzylre noun snow
tzylyzaan verb to snow
tzynre noun poison; venom; toxin
tzynyzaan verb to poison
ucle noun eye; vision; sense of sight
uclytre noun view; appearance; aesthetic; vision; sight
uclyzaan verb to see; to look
udysre noun smallness; littleness
udysusre noun tinyness
udysyzaan verb to shrink in size or volume
uilre noun aid; assistance; benefit; service
uiluzre noun aide; helper; assistant; benefactor; servant
uilyzaan verb to aid; to help; to assist; to benefit; to serve
ulnre noun forearm; lower arm
ulnurnre noun elbow
ulnurnyzaan verb to bend or straighten the elbow
ulyndre noun shortness (spatial length)
ulyndusre noun extreme shortness (spatial length)
ulyndyzaan verb to shorten (spatial length); to shrink in spatial length
ulythre noun reclined or lying posture
ulythyzaan verb to recline; to lie
umsvynre noun dark or old blood; brown color; dark orange or yellow color
umsvynyzaan verb to make or become brown, dark orange, or dark yellow
umvadhre noun absolute darkness
umvadhyzaan verb to darken completely, to completely blacken
umvre noun darkness; blackness
umvusre noun dimness
umvusyzaan verb to dim
umvyzaan verb to darken; to blacken
ur conjunction at least one of X or Y
urnre noun joint; hinge; axis; center of rotation
urnyzaan verb to bend a joint; to rotate around a point; to orbit
urre noun detriment, woe, harm, hindrance
urvadhre noun thick smoke, mist, fog, or vapor
urvre noun smoke; steam; fog; mist; vapor
urvusre noun thin smoke, mist, fog, or vapor
urvytadhre noun thunderhead
urvytre noun plume of smoke or steam; cloud
urvytusre noun wisp of smoke, steam, fog, or mist; small cloud
urvyzaan verb to billow and writhe like vapor
uryzaan verb to deter, to cause woe, to harm, to hinder
urznynre noun forge; blacksmith
urzre noun metal; iron; steel
urzuzre noun metalworker; blacksmith
urzyzaan verb to work with or craft from metal
uscyvre noun deer; carribou; moose
usrantre noun skeleton
usre noun bone
ussvulcre noun coffin; sarcophagus; bed
usyzaan verb to remove or break a bone
uthre noun home; place of welcome, belonging, or comfort
uvadhre noun grief; mourning
uvadhyzaan verb to grieve; to mourn
uvaztre noun thinness; skinnyness; narrowness
uvaztusre noun extreme thinness, skinnyness, or narrowness
uvaztyzaan verb to thin; to narrow; to shrink in width
uvdre noun outside; that which lies beyond
uvdyvre noun outer space; the void
uvdyvuchre noun spaceship
uvdyvuchuzre noun spaceship pilot
uvdyvuchyzaan verb to drive, ride, or travel by spaceship
uvdyzaan verb to move outward; to go outside
uvluvre noun tears; rain
uvluvyzaan verb to cry; to rain
uvlylvre noun cry of sadness; wail; sob; lamentation
uvlylvyzaan verb to cry out in sadness; to wail; to sob; to lament
uvre noun sadness; sorrow
uvusre noun disappointment
uvusyzaan verb to disappoint
uvyzaan verb to sadden
uychadhre noun multiplication (mathematics)
uychadhyzaan verb to multiply (mathematics)
uychre noun increase; growth; improvement; upgrade; addition
uychre ne noun autumn; fall (season)
uychyzaan verb to increase; to grow; to improve; to upgrade; to add
uyldhdlynre noun reading; ability to read
uyldhdlynuzre noun reader
uyldhdlynyzaan verb to read
uyldhrantadhre noun tome; large book
uyldhrantnynre noun library
uyldhrantre noun book; literature; publication; any written material
uyldhrantusre noun booklet; pamphlet; brochure
uyldhre noun writing; written word; arrangement of words; literary composition
uyldhuzre noun writer; author
uyldhytre noun pen; pencil; stylus; any writing tool
uyldhyzaan verb to write; to arrange or compose words
uynadhre noun division (mathematics)
uynadhyzaan verb to divide (mathematics)
uynre noun decrease; reduction; entropy; downgrade; degredation; subtraction
uynre ne noun spring (season)
uynyzaan verb to decrease; to reduce; to downgrade; to degrade; to subtract
uzydre noun shortness (height); shallowness
uzydusre noun extreme shortness (height) or shallowness
uzydyzaan verb to shrink in height or depth
va preposition causing; resulting in
vachre noun departure
vachyzaan verb to depart, to go
vaezre noun way; path; road; trail; method; conduit
vaezuzre noun guide
vaezytre noun guidepost; sign
vaezyzaan verb to guide; to follow a path; to employ a method
vantre noun drink
vantsvulcre noun cup; goblet
vantyzaan verb to drink
vaztre noun width; thickness; breadth
vlacre noun cat; feline
vlaedre noun champion; hero; knight; master of combat; noble blade; weapon; argument (point made in a debate)
vlaedyzaan verb to champion or defend a cause; to wield a blade or weapon; to present an argument; to make a point (in a debate)
vlaerre noun neck; throat
vlaerurnre noun spinal joint at the base of the neck that connects the neck to the shoulders; neck joint
vlaerurnyzaan verb to bend the neck joint
vlurre noun flower
vluryzaan verb to blossom; to bloom; to flower
vlusre noun nose; beak; snout; sense of smell
vlusytre noun scent; odor; fragrance; smell
vlusyzaan verb to sniff; to smell
vlydre noun horse; pony; donkey; steed
vlydyzaan verb to ride a horse; to ride any animal
vraesse noun rabbit; hare
vraethe noun hope; encouragement
vraethuzre noun hope-bringer; encourager
vraethyzaan verb to hope; to encourage
vrusadhre noun freezing cold
vrusadhyzaan verb to make or become freezing
vrushadhre noun burning heat
vrushadhyzaan verb to burn or make extremely hot
vrushhe noun heat
vrushusre noun warmth
vrushusyzaan verb to warm
vrushyzaan verb to heat
vrusse noun coldness
vrususre noun coolness, chilliness
vrususyzaan verb to make or become cool
vrusyzaan verb to make or be cold
vu preposition originating from (abstract); owned by
vuchre noun cart; carriage; car; truck; automobile; vehicle
vuchuzre noun driver
vuchyzaan verb to drive, ride, or travel by vehicle
vulcre noun bear (animal)
vultre noun chicken; turkey; pheasant
vurzyzaan verb to strengthen; to reinforce; to empower; to force
vuzre noun strength; firmness; force; power
vychre noun back; rear
vychyzaan verb to move backward; to move toward the back
vylnytre noun beetle
vylre noun defense; fortress; castle
vyluzre noun guard; sentinel; defender; protector
vylyzaan verb to protect; to guard; to defend
vylzalmre noun turtle; tortoise
vynre noun tooth; fang; ability to chew; ability to bite
vyntre noun arrival, approach
vyntyzaan verb to arrive, to come, to approach
vynyzaan verb to bite; to chew; to gnaw
vysre noun gibbous moon; convexity; right-hand side
vysyzaan verb to make or become gibbous; to swell; to fill to more than half full; to move rightward
vytre noun influence; power; ability
vytyzaan verb to influence; to exercise power; to affect; to have an effect
vyzcre noun entrails; organs; guts
vyzcyzaan verb disembowel; dissect
vyztre noun body; form; shape; figure
ydysre noun medium size; medium volume
yl conjunction both X and Y
ylddhavre noun husband
ylddrylle noun spouse
yldre noun connection; togetherness; fusion; marriage; wedding
yldyzaan verb to connect; to come together; to bind together; to fuse; to marry; to wed
yldzhulre noun wife
ylvadhre noun middle of the day; brightest, hottest part of the day
ylvre noun daytime; blue color
ylvusre noun dawn
ylvyzaan verb to make or become daytime; to make or become blue
ylyndre noun medium length (spatial)
ylythre noun seated posture
ylythyzaan verb to sit
yndre noun hunger; emptiness; shortage; lack
yndycvaan verb to hunger; to be out of fuel
yrsre noun fullness; satisfaction; plenty; bounty; contentment
yrsycvaan verb to be full; to be content; to be satisfied
ytre noun existence; state of being; something; presence
ytrysvaan verb to be; to exist
yvaztre noun medium width; medium thickness; medium breadth
yvre noun order; law; regulation; organization; moderation; balance
yvryzaan verb to legislate; to regulate; to organize; to moderate; to balance
yvtre noun ambience; air; presence; feeling; atmosphere; aura
yvtryzaan verb to exude a feeling; to create an ambience; to project an aura
yztre noun dust; ash; sand; speck; particle; grain (not food)
yztyzaan verb to disintegrate; to reduce to dust or ash
yzydre noun medium height; medium depth
zachre noun heir; inheritor
zachyzaan verb to inherit
zaerre noun mastery; command; rank
zaeruzze noun master; commander
zaeryzaan verb to master; to command; to outrank
zaetlasre noun this month
zaetnactre noun tonight; today
zaetnodhre noun this year
zaetre noun present (time); now; current thing; modernity
zai determiner the; that
zainynre noun there
zainynycvaan verb to be there
zalmre noun lizard; crocodile; alligator; newt; salamander
zhaedre noun animal; beast; non-person
zhaedyzaan verb to animal-ize; to dehumanize; to act or make like an animal; to be wild
zhamvre noun shin; lower leg; calf
zhamvurnre noun knee
zhamvurnyzaan verb to bend or straighten the knee; to kneel
zhamvyzaan verb to kick; to run
zhe determiner my; mine
zhianre noun art; craft; plan; strategy
zhianusre noun technique; tactic
zhianusuzre noun tactician; technician
zhianusyzaan verb to perform a technique; to execute a tactic
zhianuzre noun artist; craftsman; planner; strategist
zhianyzaan verb to practice an art or craft; to plan; to strategize
zhre noun I; me; myself
zhuladhre noun adult woman; big sister
zhulre noun woman; sister
zhulusre noun girl; daughter; little sister
zhur conjunction exactly one of X or Y
zhyl conjunction either (both X and Y) or (neither X nor Y)
zhytre noun thing; object; noun; “whatchimacallit”
zhytyzaan verb to objectify
zire noun this; this one
zlysre noun cut; slice; separation; severance; amputation; divorce
zlysuzre noun common blade; cutter; slicer; separator
zlysyzaan verb to cut; to slice; to separate; to sever; to amputate; to divorce
zlytadhre noun ball (dance); war
zlytadhuzre noun soldier; warrior
zlytre noun dance; fight; interaction
zlytuzre noun dancer; fighter
zlytyzaan verb to dance; to fight; to interact
zraelle noun truth; reality; honesty
zraeluzre noun honest person
zraelyzaan verb to tell the truth
zre noun that; that one
zulnusvre noun evil necromancy
zulnusvuzre noun evil necromancer
zulnusvyzaan verb to commit evil necromancy
zulre noun ghost; spirit; soul; cyan color
zulyldre noun good or neutral necromancy
zulylduzre noun good or neutral necromancer
zulyldyzaan verb to perform good or neutral necromancy
zulyzaan verb to make or become cyan
zut number one
zutracre noun island
zutre noun loneliness; solitude; abandonment
zutyzaan verb to leave alone; to abandon
zvacre noun lightning; electricity, electrical charge
zvacyzaan verb to strike with lightning; to electrify, to charge with electricity, to electrocute
zvarre noun bird; songbird
zvaryzaan verb to fly
zvathadhre noun greatsword
zvathadhuzre noun greatswordsman
zvathadhyzaan verb to wield a greatsword
zvathre noun sword
zvathsvulcre noun sheath; scabbard
zvathusre noun dagger; knife
zvathusuzre noun knife fighter
zvathusyzaan verb to wield a dagger
zvathuzre noun swordsman
zvathyzaan verb to wield a sword
zvyradhre noun storm
zvyradhyzaan verb to storm
zvyrdryvte noun wind; air current
zvyrdryvtyzaan verb to blow
zvyrnynre noun sky
zvyrre noun air
zvyrvuchre noun any flying vehicle; airship; airplane; blimp; helicopter
zvyrvuchuzre noun pilot
zvyrvuchyzaan verb to drive, ride, or travel by airborne vehicle
zvyryzaan verb to inflate
zycre noun fly; gnat; mosquito; bee
zydre noun height; depth
zylmre noun gift; present; donation
zylmuzre noun generous person; giver; donor; philanthropist
zylmyzaan verb to give; to donate
zynre noun mortality
zythre noun top; maximum; apex; zenith
zythre ne noun winter
zythyzaan verb to rise; to ascend; to move upward
zytnynre noun grave; graveyard; cemetery; crypt; bedroom; inn
zytre noun death; end
Zytrysse noun goddess of death
zytuclytre noun illusion; dream; mirage; hallucination
zytuclytyzaan verb to dream; to hallucinate
zytusre noun sleep; unconsciousness
zytusyzaan verb to sleep; to be unconscious
zytuzre noun killer; executioner
zytvytre noun season (time)
zytvytyzaan verb to change seasons
zytyzaan verb to die; to kill; to end