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Story Commissions

Please read the following guidelines before requesting a story commission. If you agree with all of the terms laid out below, then you can fill out the commission request form at the bottom of this page.

If you want to use one of my existing stories, please read my adaptation terms instead.


Pricing for commissioned stories varies based on word count and terms of exclusivity.

Word Count Limited Exclusivity Full Exclusivity
1–999 $25 $50
1,000–1,999 $50 $100
2,000–2,999 $75 $150
3,000–3,999 $100 $200
4,000–4,999 $125 $250
5,000–9,999 $250 $500
Pricing for Commissioned Stories

A 50% down payment is due prior to commencement of the project, and the remainder is due prior to delivery of the completed story. All payments are to be made via PayPal.


Limited exclusivity grants you exclusive adaptation and publication rights for no more than one year after delivery of the completed story. After that period, you may still use the story however you wish (in compliance with the original terms), but I also reserve the right to re-publish the story myself, or even sell it to another party.

Full exclusivity grants you exclusive adaptation and publication rights forever. I waive all rights except the right to claim authorship of the story.


Wherever the story appears, you must credit me by name as the author. If the story appears in a web-based form, you must also include a link to Proper attribution is required regardless of which exclusivity level you purchase. Failure to provide proper attribution will result in the revocation of all exclusivity rights, without any refund.

Word Count

I do not accept commissions for stories over 10,000 words.

Exact word counts are not possible due to story requirements, editing procedures, and differences between word-counting algorithms. Therefore, I allow for a 2% variance in the word counts given above. That means if you select the 1,000–1,999 tier, the story may end up as long as 2,040 words or as short as 980 words; however, you will be charged as if the story fell within your chosen range.

Although you select the range, I as the author ultimately decide how long the story is within that range. This means, for example, that you cannot require me to meet the upper word limit. I will write the story as long or short as I feel it needs to be in order to tell an effective story within the range you have chosen.

You may choose to upgrade or downgrade your word count tier at any point in the writing and editing process. Note, however, that upgrades will require an immediate payment of half the difference, with the remaining half being added to the amount due prior to final delivery. Downgrades, on the other hand, do not come with a refund.


I usually require at least one week to write a story, but this varies depending on word count and schedule, as well as “soft” factors such as inspiration. For best results, I suggest giving me at least one month to submit a finished story.


I reserve the right to turn down a commission for any reason. I will usually make that decision immediately, before any work has begun. In the extremely rare occasion that I need to drop a commission in progress, you have two options:

  • You retain the rights to any completed work, but I keep the down payment
  • You forfeit all rights to any completed work, but your down payment is refunded

Commission Request Form

Fill out the form below to order a story commission. If the project seems like a good fit for me, I will reply with payment instructions.