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Story Adaptations

Please read the following guidelines before requesting permission to use one of my stories. If you agree with all of the terms laid out below, then you can fill out the adaptation request form at the bottom of this page.

If you want to hire me to write an original story, please read my commission terms instead.


Any rights granted for pre-existing stories are non-exclusive. I retain full ownership of the story, and may grant or sell rights to any number of third parties.

Non-Commercial Use

Any pre-existing story in my collection may be freely adapted for non-commercial use as long as you:

  • Receive prior written permission from me
  • Credit me by name as the author
  • Include a link to the original story at
  • Do not modify the title or content in any way, except by my written approval

Commercial Use

Commercial use includes, but is not limited to:

  • Including the story in a print publication
  • Narrating the story on a monetized YouTube channel
  • Reproducing the story behind a paywall on another website

If you want to adapt a pre-existing story for commercial use, all of the above conditions apply, plus a one-time monetary fee, via PayPal, based on the story’s word count:

Word Count Price
1–999 $10
1,000–1,999 $30
2,000–2,999 $50
3,000–3,999 $70
4,000–4,999 $90
5,000–9,999 $110
10,000+ $220
Pricing for Commercial Use of Pre-Existing Stories

This payment is due in full prior to your use of the story.

Different algorithms and methods of counting may result in varying word counts. When determining pricing based on a story’s length, I have the final say in the exact word count.

Adaptation Request Form

Fill out the form below to request permission to adapt a story.