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Malicious Lullaby

Sleep tight, my darling. Do not fret
For things that lie below your bed,
that plot and wait for you to sleep
Ere crawling out from underneath.

Goodnight, my darling. Do not fear
Whatever noises you may hear:
The groaning of a ghostly step,
The sighing of a chilly breath.

Rest now, my darling. Just ignore
The tapping on your closet door.
The creaking of a rusty hinge—
‘Tis probably not just the wind.

Dream long, my darling. Worry not
Of shadows drifting ‘round your cot
That linger at the edge of sight
And whisper evil things all night.

Farewell, my darling. Pay no heed
As unseen horrors come to feed,
To rend and tear with teeth agleam
The flesh of children as they scream.

Sleep tight, my darling. Will you wake?
Who knows? Who knows if you are safe?
There, there, my darling, please don’t cry.
Goodnight, my darling—or goodbye?